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Barbara in Truk Lagoon documenting the WW II history.

Barbara filming the Glen fuselage in the cargo hold of Akibasan Maru sunk off Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands.


 Barbara documenting the adventure, explortaion, the discovery and history of events of a battle that took place during Cold War between the US Navy and a Soviet sub

BIO of Barbara Buchanan

Barbara is a videographer and journalist based in Wilmington NC who specializes in capturing both topside and underwater images around the globe of marine life, shipwrecks and cultures of popular travel destinations. Barbara has traveled the world with her camera, never hitting the water without it.


Her images and articles have been published in magazines, newsletters, newspapers and websites including Wreck Diving Magazine, Scuba Nation USA, NC Aquarium, calendars, posters. Her video images have been televised on the local news stations, ABC News, Walt Disney and Good Morning America series/episodes.


Barbara's work takes her to all corners of the world to photograph and film some of the most diverse and abundant wildlife under the sea and to find, explore and document shipwrecks.


Her passion and skills have helped preserve and document the "Dive Down Project" for the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's famous last ship located off North Carolina. Barbara regularly works with the NC Archeologist on Queen Anne's Revenge excavation expeditions and she captured the exclusive footage of the raising of the C-5 cannon from the Queen Anne's Revenge. Barbara directed, shot and produced the offical DVD for the "Dive Down Project".


Barbara regularly visits superb diving destinations including, Egypt, Sulawesi, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Caribbean Islands, Japan, Marshall Islands, Indonesia and Micronesia Islands to film and photograph shipwrecks and wildlife for televison as well as stock film and image houses. She also uses her imagery for DVD creation for Fish Tales and Wreck Tales Productions.


In addition to her video and photography skills, Barbara is a dive travel professional with Scuba Planners Dive Travel that specializes in group and individual dive travel worldwide. Barbara handles the logistics and planning for various expeditions. She also regularly plans, leads, and runs her own expeditions all over the world. She also is a partner with Marine Forensic and Investigation Group and films all types of marine and maritime aviation incidents, accidents, and losses.  


Currently Barbara is working on filming a televison series devoted to historical shipwrecks around the world covering the history of the stricken vessels, the tragedy of their demise and the discovery of these lost treasures and historical time capsules.

Barbara on location in South Carolina to film and document the discovery of Civil War shipwrecks remains. 

Barbara filming a Jake plane sunk in the lagoon off Kwajalein Island. 


Barbara filming post interviews with Joe Porter editor of Wreck Diving Magazine and Ken Sewell author of NY best seller Red Star Rogue and All Hands Down relaying their tales of events leading upto the discovery of a missing Russian submarine.


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