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"Win Lose or Draw"



Wreck Diving Magazine editor Joe Porter teamed up with Ken Sewell, author of Red Star Rogue and All Hands Down to locate and document a Russian submarine that recently declassified reports placed it sunk off the coast of Japan. In a Cold War era battle, the news of this sinking could have started World War III. Organizing this expedition was one of the toughest jobs I had becuase of the rural location diving wasn't heard of. So finding a boat captain willing, a translator, shipping in tanks, helium, O2, compressor and sonar equipment wasn't easy, but we pulled it off. Barbara filmed the expedition and produced the short video trailer of events that took place.    





"Hells Bells"


Truk Lagoon is a haven not olny for the wrecks but the favorable lagoon conditions for diving and tropical tempatures. The height of war can readily be seen with the array of torpedoes, guns of different caliber, huge artillery shells, tanks, trucks and bull dozers. Other artifacts of dishware, shoes, medicine bottles, sake bottles, facemask and items are spread amongst the debris. The ships holds, bridge aera and propellers are not the only places to explore, the Japanese submarine and plane wrecks are all part of the attractions of Truk. These underwater wrecks portray a past war standing still but you also witness the beautiful coral and marine life that have made these wrecks their home and giving them life once again.  








Sulawesi has lots to offer from muck diving to masive walls. Muck diving in Lembeh Strait is similar to treasure hunting but for small ornate creatures. The shallow black sandy bottom has very little patches of coral so the marine life lives in debris of bottles, cans or whatever it can find for a home. The creatures can be very creative so you have to look in places you won't think of. You'll see frog fish as tiny as your pinky figurenail to the size of a vollyball, and hairy ones too. I've seen creatures that are just plain alien looking. Night dives are rich with these kinds such as the waiting stargazer and bobbitworm, it's a Halloween party every night you never know what's going to pop up or cruise by. 






 "Simply The Best"


The Red Sea is a rainbow of color swarming with life around massive underwater mountains to depths of the unknown. The southern part of the Sea is simply the best, the walls are popping with beautiful soft coral, sea fans, schools of fish, turtles, puppy dog napoleon wrasse that escorts you on the dive. Sharks like stealth fighters in formation emerge out of the blue abyss cruising by on the hunt for prey. One of the most thrilling encounter was spending an hour and half with a 360 view of deep blue sea patiently waiting for oceanic whitetips to appear. Rotating and glaring in all directions searching for the silhouette to surface the excitement and heart pounding not knowing when or where he’ll sneak up. Turn and turn looking and looking then Bam, straight behind you, in attack mode, fins turned down quick body jerks, coming in closer eye to eye as he passes an inch from the camera lens gliding by and off into the distance. Now that is a dive…………



Kwajalein is a historical underwater museum, a treasure trove very few will ever see. In the lagoon at Kwajalein Atoll, are the only two Glen aircraft remains that are known to exist in the world are in the cargo holds of the Japanese shipwreck Akibasan Maru. The Glen aircraft holds an important part of history for both Japan and the United States.

The first aerial bombing on the US mainland took place on September 9, 1942, near Mount Emily in the southern part of Oregon, just outside of Brookings. The second attack was 20 days later on September 29, 1942, northeast of Cape Blanco Lighthouse near Grassy Knob forest in Port Orford, Oregon, about 40 miles north of Brookings. Today they remain the only aerial bombings on the US mainland, and later became known as the “Lookout Air Raid.”









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